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At Azure Global, we have extensive experience in the UK payroll industry and provide innovative payroll solutions to our client partners. We understand that every business has a unique set of needs and goals and we will ensure that our solutions are tailored to you.


Azure Global

The innovative payroll solutions.

A personal service with bespoke solutions to suit all your payroll needs.

Our team of experts ensure smooth and efficient payroll processing for all your business needs, at home or abroad.

We provide a variety of solutions, get in touch now to find out how we can innovate your payroll processing.

It’s simple.




Our Umbrella service employs contractors and we will deduct and pay the correct amount of tax and national insurance.



Contractors who work specifically in the construction industry can work flexibly on a self-employed.


Professional Passport


Azure Global’s Uk Operations are approved by Professional Passport.


We have worked closely with this industry body to ensure all of our processes and procedures are complaint and fair. We regularly review our operations, in line with the most up to date legislation and changes by HMRC to safeguard our client.


Professional Passport are a respected body within the industry and they have reviewed contracts, payslips and all other correspondence between Azure Global and the client and contractors.


Head over to Professional Passport’s website to find out more.

Dragon Perks

Dragon perks.png

Dragon Perks is an online benefits portal which gives you access to discounts and cash back rewards at over 2000 major retailers, including Nike, Asda, Ikea and many more.


Anyone who is signed up to Dragon Perks can order vouchers from an extensive variety of retailers and receive up to 10% instant cashback.  Alternatively, reloadable cards are available for a number of High Street stores and supermarkets. Some of our contractors have reported savings of up to £200 per month through regular use of Dragon Perks.


Some of the many other benefits that are available as a member of Dragon Perks include special rate cinema tickets for you and your whole family, as well as our Wellbeing Area which encourages you to take the time to improve your physical, emotional and financial wellbeing by utilising the virtual gym, free eye tests, a retirement planning service and a legal helpline.


These benefits are available for free to contractors, agency clients and all agency staff. At Azure Global, our clients are more than just clients and benefits such as Dragon Perks are all part of the personal service, which we pride ourselves upon.

Professional Passport 

Our partnership with Professional Passport, demonstrates Azure Global’s commitment to providing compliant solutions for our clients.

Azure Global’s Umbrella and CIS models are Professional Passport accredited and we are audited by Professional Passport on a Quarterly basis.

This accreditation, and regular auditing of our processes and procedures, encourage best practice and ensures they are in line with current tax rules.

Robust Contracts

All contracts issued by Azure Global are drafted and approved by one of Professional Passport’s supply partners. The company have over 20 years’ experience supporting clients in Umbrella and Payroll industry.

With Azure Global’s contracts, our clients are assured there are no hidden surprise clauses and we have selected a Professional Passport recommended supplier to ensure cohesion in our Onboarding process.

Due Diligence

Azure Global operate a mileage only process for multi-site workers meaning there are no grey areas when it comes to HMRC reviewing a contractor’s expenses.



Expenses can be processed with End Of Year tax return, inclusive of anything not processed as mileage, to maximise  the expense return via HMRC.

Insurance & Protection

Azure Global offer our clients comprehensive insurance cover, offering the agency and the contractor further protection should the worst happen.


Our Cover is as follows:



  • Public Liability - £5million

  • Employer’s Liability - £10miliion

  • Professional Indemnity - £5 million



The insurance covers both Umbrella and CIS workers and is backed by Professional Passport.

Supervision, Direction & Control Assistance 

Whilst Supervision, Direction and Control is an agency responsibility, Azure Global can alleviate the strain on your behalf.


Our Customer Service team can undertake the Supervision, Direction and Control questionnaire with your contactor. This will then be assessed by our Compliance Manager to give the client additional assurance.

HMRC Approved Software

The software used to process payroll has been developed by teams with significant experience in the umbrella payroll industry. The developers have used a range of existing software previously and have built a software model that is HMRC approved, user friendly and covers everything required to calculate and pay contractors accurately,  and on time, every time.

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