Professional Passport Accreditation

Professional Passport Accreditation


Professional Passport is the largest independent assessor of payroll solution compliance in the UK. They work with all areas of the contractor industry from contractors themselves through to accountancy and umbrella companies.

They are a completely independent compliance organisation who don’t have any founders, shareholders or investors and they’re not involved with any of the agencies, clients or payroll providers they accredit. This means that they are able to provide completely unbiased service reviews and independent compliance checks.


They continually monitor HMRC legislation to ensure that they are keeping their compliance review standards as up to date as possible so to make sure that their members are maintaining the highest of standards.

Professional Passport operates on a very strict Code of Conduct and Guiding Principles, that all the accredited members must abide by. As such, any umbrella or CIS solution provider has to be audited in depth before they can become accredited. After that, members face yearly audits to ensure that they remain committed to the most rigorous standards of compliance.


As an accredited member of Professional Passport, we have access to fully audited and approved supplier listings and the ability to access Professional Passport’s IR35 assessment service. We also have access to an abundance of information on best practice in relation to changing legislation, agency worker regulations, IR35 and much more.


As such, our Professional Passport accreditation acts as an unquestionable statement of compliance which provides the reassurance our clients need that Azure is amongst the best of the best. If you’re looking for a first-class payroll provider, contact us at