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International Recruitment in 2022

Is your agency missing out on opportunities?

2022 is the year of opportunity for UK Recruitment agencies. As restrictions start to ease and we emerge from two years of lock downs, projects that have been delayed around the world now have to be completed. The urgency to see these projects completed is seeing a huge demand for skilled workers not only in the UK but all over the world.

If you are limiting your projects and placements to the UK, then you are restricting the revenue you can make personally and for your agency as there are vast opportunities worldwide.

Global Expansion

An example of the opportunity available is in the USA, where it is not unheard of for agencies to charge margins of 50% for skilled workers for assignments. Margins at this level can be seen across the USA for contractors in a range of industries.

With the advances in technology, and the recent travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic beginning to lift, global expansion is easier than ever.

Tips for International Recruitment

Here are some key tips when looking to recruit workers outside the UK

  1. Use your existing relationships with clients in the UK to gain contacts with these companies internationally

  2. Chose to recruit in the right countries, the top 5 countries for expansion opportunities currently are: USA, Canada, Ireland, UAE and Poland

  3. Chose the correct sectors to recruit for. 2022 has seen huge growth in the Life Sciences, Engineering, Construction, Renewables and IT sectors worldwide.

  4. Research your country of choice’s staffing agency compliance and regulatory frameworks. Also, understand the local culture and customs

  5. Partner with a reliable, compliant Payroll and HR company that can help you payroll, employ and insure workers in your countries of interest. In country legislations, contracts and tax systems can be complicated so finding a good payroll and HR partner can allow you to concentrate on the recruitment side of things.

Payroll Partner

Although recruiting internationally can be very lucrative, the start up costs can be substantial if you do it without the help of an experienced partner.

With Azure Global there are minimal start-up costs, minimal ongoing fees, and your workers are compliant from day one. What’s more Azure Global will take on the liability of employing workers in another country. Azure Global can assume the legal responsibility of the workers, ensure regulatory compliance in the country of work, and manage onboarding, payroll, benefits, insurances and workers’ compensation.

You do the recruitment and we do the rest! To find out more or speak to one of our International Payroll Specialists, contact us today at

Author - Chris Fahey,

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