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What is the biggest blocker to expanding your recruitment desks overseas?

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

FEAR…. FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of taking a risk, FEAR of different tax laws, FEAR of language barriers.

Don’t let the above FEARs and more stop you from doing something different and miss out on the riches to be made in the overseas markets. The UK market is saturated and with margins getting smaller and smaller, it is a race to the bottom in many cases. It is not unusual for a successful recruiter to make more than 50% margins in the USA.

Experts in the market

Recently, a client reached out to me to discuss the potential of global expansion. This client has achieved outstanding results in the UK with their existing client base. The service they provided was so good that their clients asked them to replicate this offering over in the US.

At first there was hesitation to move their model from being UK only to a global business due to the FEAR factors. However, after they spent a couple of hours in their offices around the boardroom table with the Azure Global International set up team, their FEARs were put to one side.

Benefiting from our knowledge base and extended overseas contact network, we left them with a plan in place. Exactly one month on from that meeting, our client has crossed the Atlantic and has now set up a US Company and secured premises. They are now well on their way to making their first contract placements in the US and the FEAR has been replaced with EXCITEMENT.

Redirect your FEAR into CHANGE, there are so many opportunities, greater margins, and fewer competitors in the overseas markets.

Get in touch with Azure Global today to discuss how we can help you make your next move to becoming a Global recruiter. Benefit from our experiences and expertise.

Contact for more information on global expansion or to set up a conversation with the Azure Global International Payroll Specialists.

Author - Chris Dwyer

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