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Azure Global at the Recruitment Expo London 2022

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

February 2022 saw Azure Global exhibiting for the first time at the Recruitment Agency Expo held in the London Olympia.

The Sales and Marketing team travelled to London from across the UK, in preparation for the exhibition which would showcase some of the leading suppliers of software, back-office services and payroll to the recruitment sector.

Setting the scene

With our stand set up, gift bags of merchandise and lots of chocolate ready for the exhibition visitors, the Azure Global team were ready to speak to everyone about our payroll and HR solutions in the UK, USA, UAE and across Europe.

As Azure Global hadn’t exhibited at the Recruitment Exhibition previously, we were unsure about how busy the exhibition would be and what level of traffic we would have to our stand.

Our team were confident that our solutions for payroll in the USA, payroll in Ireland and payroll across Europe were among the best in the market, but we were not prepared for how popular our stand would be.

Popular Payroll Solutions

From almost as soon as the doors of the historic London Olympia opened, Azure Global’s stand had a constant stream of visitors eager to hear how we can help recruitment agencies and other businesses, to pay their workers in the UK and across the world.

The sales team found that as soon as they started to speak about how we have helped our clients with their payroll and HR issues in the USA, or visa and contract issues in the UAE or even how we can help pay workers in Poland, the visitors to the stand wanted to hear more about Azure Global.

Throughout the two-day exhibition, Azure Global found our stand was consistently busy with queues forming to speak to our international payroll specialists. The visitors to the stand ranged from recruitment agencies with opportunities to place contractors across the world, to software suppliers looking to partner with Azure Global to local agencies looking to find a payroll provider in the UK.

Successful Payroll Partnerships

Following the exhibition, Azure Global have started to build lasting relationships with many of the agencies and suppliers who visited our stand. Many of our new contacts are experiencing poor service from their payroll provider or aren’t getting the best value from their international contractor placements.

At Azure Global, we work hard to provide outstanding service to our clients in the UK and across the world with bi-lingual teams, in-country experts, and flexible hours. We strive to ensure that we provide the optimal solutions for each individual client’s needs.

Azure Global are here to help you pay your workers with our international payroll and HR solutions.

We were also fortunate to partner with Peak Creative who produced some outstanding images for us and the video below, where our International Sales Director, Ian Campbell talks more about Azure Global.

Next Exhibition

The Recruitment Expo was a huge success for Azure Global and we look forward to exhibiting again in Birmingham in October 2022 and back to the Olympia in February 2023.

Don't wait until the next Recruitment Expo to find out about how Azure Global can help you. Get in touch today by completing our contact form to speak to one of our International Payroll Specialists.

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