Introducing Nicole Adams

Each month we profile one of the Azure Global Team. This month we are speaking to our Customer Service Manager, Nicole Adams.



How long have you worked in the Payroll world?

I have worked in the payroll industry since I left school! For the last two years, I have been leading our Customer Service Team across the UK, primarily dealing with our contractor’s queries.


What do you feel your strengths are?

I try to create a good culture in my team so that everyone feels comfortable and happy in their roles. My team are very supportive of each other, despite being spread across the country and I believe this helps us all to do a better job.


What do you feel is an important part of your role?

I think the most important part of the role is to provide excellent service to our agencies and contractors in every single interaction they have with Azure Global.


What challenges have you faced?

2020 was just one big challenge! The last year has been really challenging, getting to know a new team, and new systems whilst everyone was stuck in their homes across the country. We survived though!


What is the best thing about working for Azure Global?

It’s the people, even though we are spread across the country, we still have a strong bond and get on well together. We are looking forward to when we can finally all meet up and celebrate.


Tell us more about you, Nicole!

I enjoy keeping fit and can often be found pounding the pavements on my lunch hour or using the office treadmill and kettlebells. I have also recently bought my first home with my partner so I’m always on Pinterest looking for inspiration.