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A personal service with comprehensive solutions for your Payroll & HR Needs.

Operating an international payroll business takes skill, care, and dedication. At Azure Global, we pride ourselves on the market-leading solutions we provide to clients and partners across the world.   Laws and regulations vary greatly from country to country but with over 60 years of payroll experience and in-country legal experts on standby, we can offer compliant solutions, allowing our clients to focus on their area of expertise. 


We work with specialists in each country to guarantee all tax liabilities are duly met, and our contract partners ensure all workers are contracted to Azure Global as Employer of Record in a fair, legal and compliant manner.  We always go the extra mile when it comes to Worker, Client and Partner protection and therefore have insurance over the minimum standards in each country we have operations.


Finally, we strive to provide exceptional service to every worker and company we engage with. This means 24/7 access to our Payroll and Onboarding teams, medical benefits and discount schemes wherever our client requires them, and a Customer Service experience that is second to none.

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