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At Azure Global, we understand that paying contractors in another country can be complex and frustrating. Each country has its own taxation and employment law, working regulations and benefit systems. We have worked hard to find in country experts in compliance and law to ensure we understand the intricacies of HR and Payroll in other countries.


Payroll and Benefits Guide



Polish Złoty (PLN)


Payroll Frequency



Employer Taxes

19.48% - 22.14

As an Azure Global Client

As an Azure Global client, we will:

Employ on your behalf

We become the Employer of Record which allows us to take care of all the necessary requirement for working internationally. We cover multiple types of employment, dependant on each country’s model. This allows us to employ in a way which is relevant to you and to meet the specific business requirements for you and your workers.

Provide required insurances

We can provide insurances relevant to the country and sector in which your workers operate. We will ensure that your workers adhere to the legal requirements of the insurance. You and your workers can rely on us to make sure that you have all the cover you need for operating throughout the world.

Pay your workers, weekly, fortnightly or monthly

We can pay your workers however frequently you prefer. Wages can be run according your business and workers needs with our solutions built to fit around you.


We will work closely with you to provide medical cover and screening where required. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support you with our Payroll & HR solutions.






Polish Złoty (PLN)

Date Format





Pension - 9.76%


Disability - 6.5%

Accident- 0.67-3.33%

Labor fund- 2.45%

Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund  - 0.10%


Pension - 9.76%

Disability - 1.50%

Sickness - 2.45%

Health Insurance - 9%

Income Tax - 17% up to 85,528 PLN

                       32% over 85,528 PLN



Payroll Cycle 

Employees paid on monthly basis must receive their salary no later the 10th of the following month.

Azure can process your payroll at the frequency that suits your client.



Paid Time Off

Employes are entitled to 20 days if the employee has been employed for less than 10 years ​


They receive 26 days  if the employee has been employed for 10 years or more.

Public Holidays

13 public holidays.

Sick Days

For employees that are 50 years of age or less – up to 33 days in a calendar year paid by the employer From the 34th day onward, sick leave is paid by the Social Security Office (ZUS)


For employees that are 50 years of age or above – up to 14 days in a calendar year paid by the employer From the 15th day onward, sick leave is paid by the Social Security Office (ZUS)


Sick leave is paid at 80% of the allowance basis or 100% of the allowance basis if the illness occurs during pregnancy or if it was caused by the accident on the way to or from work. Sick leave caused by the accident at work or due to the employee’s sick child or another sick relative is financed by ZUS.

Maternity Leave

Mothers are entitled to 20 weeks of maternity leave and can take up to 6 weeks prior to giving birth. Mothers are entitled to maternity leave regardless of the length of service with the current employer. ​


In addition, parents are entitled to 32 weeks of parental leave that can be granted to any of the parents. The leaves are at a rate of 100% for the first 26 weeks and at a 60%rate for the remaining weeks paid by the Social Security Institution (ZUS). Employees that use both maternity leave and parental leave will receive an 80% allowance for the entire leave.

Paternity Leave

Fathers are granted 2 weeks’ leave which can be used in its entirety or divided into two parts (7 days each). Paternity leave can be used until the child reaches the age of two. 100% is paid by the Social Security Institution (ZUS).

Parental Leave

Parents are entitled to 36 months of unpaid leave until the child reaches the age of 6.

Other Leave

Child leave – 2 days or 16 hours to take care of a child that is 14 years old or less.

2 days leave for: wedding, employee’s child’s birth, and death of a spouse a child or a parent

1 day leave for: employee’s child’s wedding, or death of a sister, brother, or in-law.





23% standard rate.

How Azure Global operate in Poland

Legal & Compliance

For our clients, we can provide legal and compliant contracts of engagement between the parties involved alongside the contract between the worker and the client.


We use the latest technology to streamline the payroll process, including online timesheets, same day payments and electronic invoicing.


Azure Global has significant levels of in-country insurance to ensure all workers are fully protected and risk are mitigated.


Azure Global can pay your workers at the frequency that suits your requirements whether that is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Azure Global provide Insurance as required by law.


We can pay your workers and invoice our client in the currency that best meets your requirements.