Contractors: How To Build Trust with Your Clients

Contractors: How To Build Trust with Your Clients


As a contractor, it is important to build a positive reputation for yourself to ensure your work is steady and employers are pleased with your work. In order to maintain steady jobs, you’ll need to build trust with your clients. In this blog, we will give you our five top tips to becoming a trusted contractor.  


1- Communication. 

Efficient and effective communication is key. Make sure you stay on top of any emailsand communicate anything you need from a job, as well as updates, if appropriate. This is especially important to manage client expectations. Be realistic about goals and deadlines so that the client’s expectations will be met or exceeded – not let down. 


2- Be reliable. 

Always be on time, always complete the work that was agreed, when you agreed to deliver, and always be where you say you’ll be. This will help you stick in the minds of those looking to hire contractors and help you get jobs again and again.  


3- Be professional. 

First impressions matter, especially as a contractor. Be sure that you’re dressed appropriately and have all the required tools for any engagements and make sure that there is nothing about you (even your email address) that seems unprofessional. Unfortunately, it is true that people often make snap judgements, and it can be difficult to change an opinion once it’s made. 


4- Be intentional. 

Clients are likely to hire you again if they get the impression that you are invested and interested in cultivating a long-term relationship. Make it a point to get to know them and to really understand their needs. That way, when another job comes along, they might think of you first as someone they know and trust, rather than going with someone unknown.  


5- Set yourself up for success. 

Give your client a deadline that gives you slightly longer than you need to complete a project. That way, if you finish before the deadline, the client will be delighted at your time saving, and if you end up needing a bit more wiggle room, you’ve got the extra time to handle it. 


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