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Working together with Professional Passport, we ensure everything we do is compliant and ensures maximum transparency with our Agencies and Workers.

From our fully compliant contracts, our welcome calls and engagement packs to clear and simple payslips, we adhere to industry best practice. Even down to leavers process, we want to ensure that every aspect of your experience with us, meets our high standard of due diligence and compliance.

Our Uk Operation is

  • ICO Registered, meaning that your data is held securely and in line with GDPR regulations. 

  • Professional Passport accredited for our CIS & Umbrella payment models. 

  • AML Registered for all bureau payroll services.

For our International Operations, we engage in-country law and taxation specialists to ensure all processes and procedures are also undertaken in a fair, legal and compliant manner.

We know that compliance matters to you and your clients that’s why we ensure that our standards remain high with ongoing internal reviews of our processes and operations as well as our quarterly accreditation audits.

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