It certainly has been a year that nobody could have predicted with the whole world feeling the impact of a pandemic. But as we wave goodbye to 2020 with hopes of a better 2021here at Azure Global, we thought we’d look back on 2020 and pick out some of our highlights. 


We Rebranded (and Expanded!)  We changed our name to Azure Global to reflect our expansion in offering payroll & HR services across the globe.

We Worked from Home – We set up our entire team to be able to work from home during the lockdown and beyond, ensuring no interruption in first-class service to our agencies. 


Going International – We paid our first international contractorsAG Pay, our first contractor in America, in the city that never sleeps (just like our service team) – aka New York. 


We Launched Our New Website  In Q4 2020, we launched our new website reflecting our international payroll and HR services and offering advice and guidance to agencies.

We Expanded Our Team – Throughout 2020 we have brought in some of the industry’s top talent, ready to help make our client’s lives easier with our payroll solutions. 


We Received Accreditation – This year we received our accreditation from Professional Passport, certifying Azure Global as a compliant provider you can trust.

We Prepared  We worked hard behind the scenes to safeguard our clients a hassle-free, supportive payroll service wherever they are in the world. 


We have worked hard this year and laid the groundwork to have an even stronger 2021 – ensuring we can help our clients to aim high and achieve their ambitions in 2021. Find out how we can help you by contacting us now. 

In the meantime, from all of us at Azure Global, have a happy Christmas and New Year. 

A lot of people don’t understand what payroll really is, who is behind itand why it’s an important skilled job. In this blog, we’re busting some payroll myths by letting you know what’s true and what’s false.  


Payroll is a one-day-per-month task: FALSE 


Payroll is an essential function within a business or an outsourced payroll company. The people who work in payroll don’t just make sure you’re paid regularly for what you’re owed each month, they also make sure the business is compliant with laws and regulations and manage payment processing daily.  

Payroll is all about numbers: TRUE… kind of.  


Yes, you need to be good with numbers to excel in this job, but it’s also very important for you to be an excellent communicator, and great with the organization. New tax regulations and changes in the law, all require accountants, finance officers and payroll companies to be on the front foot when it comes to making sure businesses are compliant. 

Payroll only take care of salaries: FALSE 


Payroll staff take care of so much more than just making sure you’re paid. They also cover:  

Processing pensions 

Calculating correct statutory deductions 

Raising invoices 

Ensuring monies due are received and more.  


Want to know how we can keep your business ticking over by offering compliant payroll solutionsContact our friendly, knowledgeable staff today to discuss what we can do for you. 


As a contractor, it is important to build a positive reputation for yourself to ensure your work is steady and employers are pleased with your work. In order to maintain steady jobs, you’ll need to build trust with your clients. In this blog, we will give you our five top tips to becoming a trusted contractor.  


1- Communication. 

Efficient and effective communication is key. Make sure you stay on top of any emailsand communicate anything you need from a job, as well as updates, if appropriate. This is especially important to manage client expectations. Be realistic about goals and deadlines so that the client’s expectations will be met or exceeded – not let down. 


2- Be reliable. 

Always be on time, always complete the work that was agreed, when you agreed to deliver, and always be where you say you’ll be. This will help you stick in the minds of those looking to hire contractors and help you get jobs again and again.  


3- Be professional. 

First impressions matter, especially as a contractor. Be sure that you’re dressed appropriately and have all the required tools for any engagements and make sure that there is nothing about you (even your email address) that seems unprofessional. Unfortunately, it is true that people often make snap judgements, and it can be difficult to change an opinion once it’s made. 


4- Be intentional. 

Clients are likely to hire you again if they get the impression that you are invested and interested in cultivating a long-term relationship. Make it a point to get to know them and to really understand their needs. That way, when another job comes along, they might think of you first as someone they know and trust, rather than going with someone unknown.  


5- Set yourself up for success. 

Give your client a deadline that gives you slightly longer than you need to complete a project. That way, if you finish before the deadline, the client will be delighted at your time saving, and if you end up needing a bit more wiggle room, you’ve got the extra time to handle it. 


Get in touch today with our friendly, Payroll Service for Contractors knowledgeable team to discuss what we can do for you.  


Touted as ‘Facebook with a tie’, LinkedIn has recently become an essential in growing businesses and landing new contacts. Although it can seem daunting, managing your LinkedIn can be very simple if you just follow a few simple steps regularly. Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know to become a LinkedIn pro and gain those valuable contacts!

1- Be active. 


Make it a part of your daily routine to spend some time on LinkedIn. It doesn’t have to be a lot, simply 15 minutes per day will help boost your profile as you like posts, post your own content and make connections.

2- Make sure you have 500+ connections.


For LinkedIn, the going standard is that anyone “serious” about their job will have 500+ connections and you may be ruled out by potential new clients if you have less. This may seem strange and quite high, but it’s quite easy to hit that target. Just be sure to continually add people you are interested in until you hit that magic number.

3- Tag.


Always tag people in your network in your posts. What this does is display the post to everyone you know and to everyone the tagged person knows. This works especially well if you’re tagging someone you know who has a lot of connections as your name will be seen by more and more people.

4- Make sure your profile is totally up to date. 


Ensure your profile picture is professional looking and is a recent photo of you – no selfies or holiday photos! You should also make sure that your banner photo is relevant to your company (i.e. a company logo or brand colours) or a photo of you perhaps winning an award. You’ll also need to ensure that your information is correct and there’s nothing left over from previous employments.

5- Ask for help. 


One of the best things you can do is ask people you know to verify your skills on LinkedIn, or even leave a review about your service on your profile. This shows other potential clients or employers how great you are!

Start off with these five simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a LinkedIn pro and growing your business with those all-important connections.

Get in touch with one of our friendly knowledgeable staff today to find out what we can do for you.

Umbrella payroll companies are essential to freelance workers, but there are many companies in the UK that are looking to trick their way into extra money. But how do you spot the difference?  

In this blog, we give you tips on key things to look out for to ensure an umbrella company is above board.  


What should I look for?  


1- Established

Do your research to see if the company is established and respected in the sector to be sure you’re working with a tried-and-true company.


2- Customer Service 

Ask yourself, how easy is it to get in touch with my umbrella company? Can you speak someone on the phone, or do they dodge calls and only respond to your emails with an automated message? Put your trust into companies who, at the very least, are willing to speak with you.  


3- Recommendations 

Look out for recommendations, or lack thereof. If the company you’re looking at has little or no recommendations, this is a bad sign.  


4- Preferred supplier list 

Check to see if the umbrella company is on the preferred supplier list of your employer. If not, you may want to do some more research before you make a decision on which umbrella company to go with.  


5- Accreditation 

Has the Umbrella received accreditation from Professional Passport? This is an indicator that the Umbrella has rigorous compliance standards 


Causes for Concern 


  • Lack of transparency 


An untrustworthy umbrella company might have hidden tier margins or may not be willing to divulge a breakdown of your calculations. If either of these is the case, then this is a bad sign.  

  • Few or no third-party accreditations 


Accreditation by a third party shows that a standard of performance has been achieved and recognised by an external body. If the umbrella company doesn’t have this, are they compliant and can they be trusted? 

  • Offshore arrangements or loans mentioned 


This may indicate that the company use non-compliant offshore trusts with low tax jurisdiction 

When choosing an umbrella company, make sure you check the points above to ensure that the company is legitimate and trusted. 

How we can keep your business ticking over by offering compliant payroll solutionsContact our friendly, knowledgeable staff today to discuss what we can do for you.